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Get ready for your countertop installation

Before Installation

⁃ Clear a path for the installers and remove items from lower cabinets.
⁃ Cover nearby furniture/belongings if a cooktop will be installed.
⁃ Keep children and pets away from the area.

Existing Countertop Removal

⁃ The existing countertop has to be removed before the crew arrives to install your stone.
⁃ If the removal of the countertops is included in your installation, installers will ensure that it is done with no damage to walls/cabinets.
⁃ Any defects can be patched up/covered with new backsplash.

Countertop Installation

⁃ Slabs of stone laid on bare countertops must be leveled and secured.
⁃ Cabinets must be leveled; shims will be used to counteract any unevenness.
⁃ Necessary supports/corbels have to be installed beforehand.
⁃ Epoxy is used to cement pieces of granite/marble/quartz together, blended and colored on-site.
⁃ Blocks are used to secure stone to the cabinets.

Cutouts, Backsplash, and Sink Installation

⁃ If you have a cooktop, a hole will need to be cut on-site.
⁃ Faucet and soap dispenser holes will be drilled on-site. It’s important to have all faucets on hand and in the cabinets where they will be used.
⁃ An undermount sink will be mounted to the underside of the stone slab with clips, and silicone will be added for a watertight seal.

During Installation?

⁃ Please be on-site and available for any questions the installers may have, but for the most part, please give the installers room to work for safety and time concerns. You will have the opportunity to inspect the job once the installation is complete.

Final Steps

⁃ Countertops will be evaluated for sturdiness and leveledness.
⁃ Excess epoxy and dust will be removed with denatured alcohol or acetone.
⁃ Installation takes about 3-7 hours depending on complexity.
⁃ Clean your countertop regularly with a granite countertop cleaner.






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